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SENIOR SEND-OFF: Endicott Women’s Ice Hockey Program

SENIOR SEND-OFF: Endicott Women’s Ice Hockey Program

BEVERLY, Mass. — The Endicott women's ice hockey team finished its 2019-20 season with a 25-2-0 overall record and a 16-0-0 conference mark before the NCAA's decision to cancel all remaining winter and spring championships was finalized. The Gulls also captured their second Colonial Hockey Conference championship, finished the year nationally ranked at No. 7 overall, and were set to travel to Middlebury College for an NCAA Tournament Quarterfinal Round game before their season was canceled due to COVID-19. More importantly, the team's success was spearheaded by seven seniors — Michaela McNamara (Warwick, R.I.), Jillian Gibbs (Burlington, Vt.), Jade Meier (Fairbanks, Alaska.), Alyssa Peterson (Cranberry Township, Pa,), Madison Huber (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Nicole Demers (Avon, Conn.), and Emma McDowell (Alexandria, Va.) — whose respective legacies will forever have an impact on the program. Here's what Endicott women's ice hockey head coach Andrew McPhee had to say about the entire senior class as a group and individually as well.

2019-20 Senior Class

"I will remember the class of 2020 for their commitment to one another and our team. From their first year to senior year, they have been a tight-knit group, and their friendship and leadership have been an example for others. They are a fantastic group of people who thrived in the classroom and showed commitment to all aspects of their Endicott experience. It's no coincidence that our team won back to back championships under their leadership. Their inclusive approach to our team translated on the ice - they worked hard for each other and made one another better. Reliable and caring, yet competitive and direct; these seniors knew what it took to win. I am grateful for everything they have done for Endicott Hockey and the mark they have set for future Gulls."

Michaela McNamara 

"Mac did so many things for us during her time at Endicott. Over the course of her career, her versatility and reliability enabled her to fill different roles on the team, which varied from a top line wing to a top line center to a defensive minded center or a D on the power play. As a coach's daughter, Mac was a leader and understood the importance of every role on the team. No matter the role Mac was always willing to do what was best for the team. This mindset set the example for our championships."

Jillian Gibbs 

"Hard to put into words what Jillian has done over the last four years. She was a consistent and clutch scorer for us, but also did all the other little things that you need to win championships.  Besides her willingness to block shots, there are many qualities away from the ice that I admire about Gibby, her work ethic, willingness to help, leadership, and friendship. She was always reliable, and there for her teammates."

Jade Meier 

"Jade could do it all. Her speed was dynamic which made her a threat every time she was on the ice. Her quiet demeanor might fool you, but her competitiveness and fire would come out in full force during games and practices. Another great leader, Jade was never afraid to speak her mind. She had one way of doing things and that was full speed, and she expected the same from her teammates."

Alyssa Peterson 

"When I think of Alyssa, I think she is one of the best teammates I have ever coached. She waited patiently for her shot, and when it came she excelled. Seeing the team rush to her on the ice when that final buzzer went off in the conference championship game, was pure joy. I am so proud of Alyssa, and what she accomplished this season. I will miss all the other things she brought to the team. She always provided a sense of calmness and levity in all situations and could bring humor into the locker room."

Madison Huber 

"Maddie is an unbelievable person and was a terrific defender for us. It has been incredibly rewarding to see Maddie's growth over the past 4 years. She has developed into one of the most reliable and steady members of our team. She approached each practice and game with focus and discipline; she always expected the best from herself and left it all on the ice. Maddie was a conscientious and diligent student, and was able to balance the demands of her courses while being a huge part of our defense." 

Nicole Demers 

"Nicole might be one of the toughest strong willed players I have coached. She played through the pain in her knee, and never complained about her injury. Nicole's humor and passion/ knowledge for sports made for a good amount of banter amongst her teammates and coaches. I was happy for Nicole, playing her best hockey of her career in the last two games of her career. She was terrific in the playoffs and a key to our success in earning the CHC Championship."

Emma McDowell

"Emma one of the hardest working players to wear an Endicott jersey. She would arrive early to the rink to bike or warm up her hands, and she would be one of the last ones off at the end of practice. Emma's persistence and resilience over the course of her career are unmatched. She was a two-sport student-athlete for three years while majoring in one of the most difficult majors at Endicott, and her outlook never wavered. She was committed to doing the work." 

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(Photo Credit - David Le '10)