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Athletic Training

Athletic Training

Important Athletic Training Links

2022-2023 Medical Clearance Forms (Updated 6/1/2022)

Rehabilitation Exercise Videos 

Visiting Team Information: Post Sport Science & Fitness Center | Raymond J. Bourque Arena


Athletic Training Staff

The athletic training staff and their sport coverage assignments.
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Abbey Wirtz Head Athletic Trainer
Field Hockey, Women's Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse, Crew
Jacob Mickey Athletic Trainer
Men's Soccer, Men's & Women's Rugby, Men's Ice Hockey, Softball
Kevin Kosiorek '15 Athletic Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach
Football, Men's & Women's Tennis, Cheer, Dance, Roller Hockey, Women's Track & Field
Shelby Barden Athletic Trainer
Football, Men's & Women's Cross Country, Equestrian, Women's Ice Hockey, Men's Lacrosse
Victoria Kendall Athletic Trainer
Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Men's Volleyball, Baseball, Golf

Sport Psychology/Mental Game Consultants
Hannah Prieto
Hayley Robinson
Schedule an appointment: 45
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Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning Website

Endicott Strength & Conditioning focuses on the long-term development and performance of the Endicott's student-athletes. Our student-athletes will utilize an individualized, year-round, linear periodization schedule, designed to achieve peak athletic performance during their respective competitive seasons. It is our goal to achieve success on the field, court, ice and competitive surface; not just lift heavy weights. At Endicott, we believe in the development of a solid foundation of safety and efficiency, movement, strength, power, toughness, and discipline. It is the passion of the strength staff to teach proper technique paired with resistance training, plyometric work, speed, conditioning, as well as recovery and regeneration. Student-athletes will be immersed in a supervised full body, ground-based program and have the opportunity to utilize multiple techniques ranging from Olympic lifting and single leg weight training to body weight and band exercises.

Endicott Strength & Conditioning is committed to the idea of the complete athlete success. The staff collaborates with Endicott Athletic Training to coordinate rehabilitation, nutrition, and analytics to enable our students the appropriate access to resources for their health and athletic competition.

The ultimate goal of this training is to reduce injury rates, promote more efficient and effective movements, and enable our student-athletes body synchronization and optimal control of their bodies during competition. The strength & conditioning staff pride themselves on imparting and upholding Endicott’s Core Standards of Leadership. The importance of open, effective communication with student-athletes and coaches about the physical and mental goals and challenges that are set before them. Staff and student-athletes will display character, commitment to themselves, their teams and Endicott, as well as exhibit confidence in their responsibilities. We continue to safely challenge ourselves and our student-athletes to seek out success now and in the future.

Strength and Conditioning Staff

The strength and conditioning staff at Endicott.
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jack Dustin
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Joe Calabrese
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Kevin Kosiorek '15
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jacy Kuhlman '22 M'24
Graduate Assistant for Strength & Conditioning 
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Student-Athlete Handbook

2022-23 Endicott Student-Athlete Handbook

The Endicott Student-Athlete handbook is intended to provide important and helpful information to help Gulls succeed as a student and an athlete. The content of this handbook is intended to answer any questions as well as provide contextual guidelines for basic expectations. In general, the student-athletes who participate in the 21 varsity programs, as well as competitive club sports, are expected to compete under a model that emphasizes integrity and ethical conduct. Being able to wear the Endicott uniform is a privilege, not a right. Each program is an integral part of the overall department and each student-athlete's educational experience remains paramount. 

The handbook is provided to current student-athletes to inform them on the following topics:

  • Team and player issues - insurance, facility use, uniforms and equipment, transportation, lodging, and overnight hosting
  • Social issues - code of conduct, discipline, gambling, drugs, harassment, hazing, alcohol and tobacco
  • Academic policies - eligibility, transfers, class attendance, academic, and athletic conflicts, and academic resources
  • Grievance procedures
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Drug Policy

Drug Testing Policy (PDF)

Endicott is concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of the student-athletes who participate in its programs and represent the College in club or intercollegiate athletics. Substance abuse is one of the most important issues facing college and university campuses and society today. The use of illegal drugs, misuse of legal drugs and dietary supplements, improper or illegal use of alcohol, and student-athlete use of tobacco, are in violation of the student-athlete code of conduct for Endicott and also in violation of NCAA regulations. 

The purpose of the program is the following: to encourage student-athletes to avoid improper use of banned substances, to ensure that student-athletes are properly educated and informed about drugs and substance abuse, to detect possible drug use of specific illegal drugs via random screenings throughout the academic year, to assist in the rehabilitation and education of student-athletes who have been found to be using or misusing banned substances. 


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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Website

Mission Statement

From the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committees website:

Student-athletes have a voice in the NCAA through advisory committees at the campus, conference, and national level. Each committee is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and offer input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on campus.

The mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C.) at Endicott is to assist in the creation of an environment where all student-athletes have the opportunity to maximize their academic, personal, and social growth. They desire to build a strong tradition in athletics and strive for success in and outside the lines. As members of S.A.A.C., they serve as a liaison between the committee and our respective teams. 

Purpose of S.A.A.C.

  • Provide a forum for discussion of matters of concern for athletic teams.
  • Discuss, adopt and carry out procedures necessary for the general welfare of Endicott athletics.
  • Promote better communication and camaraderie among teams.
  • Promote effective communication between athletics, administration and the student-athletes to better serve their needs.
  • Increase awareness of athletic programs on the campus and in the surrounding community.
  • Encourage involvement of student-athletes in community and campus life.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Commonwealth Coast Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
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