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Philosophy, Mission and Values

Department Philosophy

The intercollegiate athletic program at Endicott is an integral part of the total educational experience and student activities at the institution. The College wishes to excel in athletics, just as it desires to excel in all activities and functions conducted in its name. The College's record in the winning and losing of athletic contests is a matter of pride in doing its best at all times. 

The College believes that a student's association with the athletic program is voluntary. When a student-athlete enters and represents the College, there are certain things he or she may expect from the College, and certain things the College expects of the student-athlete. The College can and will be supportive, but motivation has to come from within the student to be successful in both academics and athletics. 

Through its Director of Athletics, the College has assigned to the head coach in each sport the authorization of setting training rules and standards of behavior and discipline for his or her team. However, all student-athletes are first and foremost subject to the policies and procedures of the Student Handbook as issued and enforced by the Office of Student Affairs. It is important to note and reinforce that all student-athletes are subject to the Student Handbook and its disciplinary code just as any other student, and are not entitled to special treatment as student-athletes. Team training rules and standards of behavior are additional requirements put in place by a team's head coach for student-athletes above and beyond the rules of the College. 

In addition to the rules and regulations governing all students, the College also assumes that the student-athlete willingly undertakes certain obligations of self-discipline and team-discipline that transcend those of ordinary students. Only the individual can weigh the merits of the benefits as opposed to the added responsibilities. 

In regard to scheduling, the College shall compete against other collegiate institutions with similar academic and athletic philosophies. When representatives from other schools come to its campus, the College expects that they shall be treated with that courtesy and hospitality afforded to all guests. When the College's teams, in turn, are guests on other campuses, the College expects its representatives to reciprocate these same standards. 

Within the limitations of its objectives and those of similar institutions in its conference, within official rules and regulations that govern its athletic programs, and within its financial ability, the College is determined to do its best to field aggressive, well-coached teams composed of young men and women who, in turn, represent the College with pride, enthusiasm and loyalty. 

Finally, the College hopes that the student's academic and athletic experience at Endicott will yield satisfaction and rewards that will continue to enrich his or her life long after graduation. 

Athletics Mission Statement

The Department of Athletics and Recreation reinforces the mission of the College by providing experiential opportunities for student development outside of the classroom. Supported by our committed administrators, coaches, faculty, staff, and alumni, our students are challenged and encouraged to actively explore their personal and professional development. Participation in our comprehensive intercollegiate, club sport, intramural, and recreational offerings provide an environment for students to learn about and strive for physical, intellectual, and social excellence. While engaging in sport and highlighting ways to create a healthy lifestyle, the department fosters a spirit of leadership and service through its core standards - commitment, character, effective communication, and confidence which provide a distinct framework for how we define success. Our collaborative culture cultivates and embraces the full spectrum of diversity, citizenship, and equity while instilling pride in our institution and community.  

Updated Summer, 2017

Endicott College Statement of Understanding

Endicott College is committed to providing an educational experience that will encourage students to view the concept of diversity from a variety of perspectives in order to foster understanding and ultimately greater respect and acceptance among individuals. Embracing diversity means understanding and respecting our individual differences, which includes the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, differing abilities (e.g. physical, emotional and cognitive), religious and political beliefs. Central to the exploration of the differences and similarities among individuals is the need to offer a safe, positive and supportive environment. The goal is to reach a greater understanding of each other and to move beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. 

Statement of Understanding adopted by the Endicott College Board of Trustees - February, 2005

NCAA Sportsmanship

Endicott College and the NCAA promote good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and fans. We request your cooperation in supporting the student-athletes and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, derogatory comments or other intimidating actions directed at athletes, officials, team representatives or other fans will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal. 

Endicott College has many traditions, but bad sportsmanship isn't one of them. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and positive game environment.

RESPECT, it's the name of the game.