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Intramurals and Recreation



Intramurals is a vibrant and essential part of the Endicott College community. Endicott boasts an 84% combined participation rate in intramurals and other recreational opportunities throughout the academic year. Intramurals alone attracts 35% of the student population to compete in the areas of 3x3 basketball, 5x5 basketball, broomball, esports, dodgeball, indoor soccer (futsal), outdoor flag football, ice hockey, outdoor soccer, softball, and volleyball for men, women and co-ed leagues. 

What's unique about the intramural program at Endicott is that participants compete at the same facilities as our varsity student-athletes. Students have access to the turfed Hempstead Stadium and North Field, MacDonald Gymnasium and field house inside the Post Center, and the Raymond J. Bourque Ice Arena. Furthermore, the College was ranked among the top-50 intramural programs in the country by in 2015.

All people are welcome to join! There are no tryouts. It's as simple as an online sign-up through Whether you are trying something new or looking for a more competitive experience, Endicott intramurals has everything to accommodate our student population. 

Team and Free Agent Sign-Up

To sign-up for an activity:

  1. Visit to create your individual account.
  2. Only use your Endicott e-mail address when creating an account!
  3. Find your sport, create a team, request to join an existing team, or sign up as a free agent.
  4. Login to your IMLeagues account to view your roster, schedule, and get important gameday alerts. 

Intramural Sports FAQs

How much does it cost to play intramurals?

Intramurals are free for all Endicott undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff.

How long are intramural seasons?

All intramural leagues are four weeks long comprised of a three-week round robin season culminating in a final week of playoffs. 

When do intramural games get played?

Games are typically played Sunday through Thursday evenings between 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. depending on the sport.

How many varsity athletes are allowed to play on a team?

Only two varsity athletes are allowed to be on the playing surface at a time per team during a game, but more than two can be on the roster.

What are intramural pop-up events?

Pop-up events are one-day co-ed tournaments of varying sports that are not typically played for a full season (i.e. beach volleyball, corn hole, kan jam, spike ball, ultimate frisbee, raquetball).

Do league champions get a prize?

League champions receive an "Intramural Champions" t-shirt.

How do I find out more information about intramurals?

Go to to view all upcoming intramural events and follow @endicottintramurals for weekly updates, game highlights, and league statistics.

How do I work for intramurals?

Contact Katie Bettencourt at for details about a work-study position.



2021-22 Intramural Staff at Endicott
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Katie Bettencourt
Intramurals Coordinator
McKinley Pippin
Intramurals Coordinator
Mark Lepage '21 M'23
Graduate Assistant for Intramurals



Endicott aerobics offers a wide array of opportunities to increase fitness and personal health. There are several new classes for the Spring of 2021. Each class consists of a series of exercises that stress different parts of your body, particularly the large muscle groups, for a prolonged period. 

Any questions, please contact Mark Kulakowski at or (978) 232-2337.

Fall 2022 Aerobics Schedule