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Recruit Me!

Recruiting Basics

Endicott College is an institution dedicated to providing a higher standard of academic excellence through the concept of applied learning and with the help of a dedicated community of educators and administrators. The Endicott Athletics & Recreation department supports the mission of the College and challenges its student-athletes to reach their physical, intellectual, and social potential through participation in a broad-based program of intercollegiate, club sport, intramural, and recreational offers.

Endicott and the dedicated coaching staff and administrators who back these ideals seek top-level recruits to be contributing members of our community.

If you would like to begin the recruitment process with a coach at Endicott, the checklist below will provide directions on how to do so. Remember, be proactive in your approach. The earlier you start the process, the easier it will be for all involved.

Review Important NCAA and Endicott Guidelines

NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete
NCAA Division III | Facts and Figures | Diversity and Inclusion | NCAA Division III Identity
Endicott College Admissions
Endicott College Financial Aid
Campus Visit
Virtual Visits

Complete Our Recruiting Questionnaire 

Fill out the recruiting form (below) in its entirety so we will have your information on hand. 

Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Men's Cross Country
Women's Cross Country
Field Hockey
Men's Ice Hockey
Women's Ice Hockey
Men's Lacrosse
Women's Lacrosse
Men's Soccer
Women's Soccer
Men's Tennis
Women's Tennis
Women's Track & Field
Men's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball


Come Visit  

Make a visit to campus with your parents. Contact the appropriate coach with some anticipated dates. The head coach will confirm availability, which will then allow you the chance to schedule a campus tour and admissions interview through our Office of Admission at 978-232-2021. The coach and their staff are available throughout the year and are happy to meet with prospects and their families in their office or at the facilities. Please anticipate spending about three hours during a complete visit.

Send a Video or YouTube Clips 

Send a game or highlight tape of you playing in a competitive environment.  We can't get out to see every prospect play. Looking at a tape or YouTube clips of you allows us at least something to go on, which may be helpful in evaluating your ability to play at Endicott.  Ideally, recruits will provide us with both highlight and game footage. Mail your videos to: 

Coach Name
Endicott Sport
376 Hale Street
Post Center
Beverly, MA 01915

See the Team Play 

Check out the schedule on the team site and come watch the team play. Send the coach an email or call them so either they or a member of their staff can meet you at the end of the contest.  

Coaches Information

Contact a head coach to learn more about Endicott and the recruiting process for student-athletes.
Sport Head Coach E-Mail Phone Number
Baseball Bryan Haley 978-232-2305
Men's Basketball Kevin Bettencourt 978-232-2317
Women's Basketball Brittany Hutchinson 978-232-2316
Cheerleading Jennifer Riley 978-232-2489
Crew (Men & Women) Christopher Fibbe  978-232-2337
Men's Cross Country Spencer Lange 978-232-2308
Women's Cross Country Spencer Lange 978-232-2308
Dance Nicole Sao Pedro-Welch 978-232-2395
Equestrian Bethany Jones 978-998-7737
Field Hockey Jodi Cipolla 978-232-2303
Football Paul McGonagle 978-232-2324
Golf Tom Smith 978-232-3053
Men's Ice Hockey RJ Tolan 978-998-7738
Women's Ice Hockey Andrew McPhee 978-232-5207
Men's Lacrosse Eric Hagarty 978-232-2879
Women's Lacrosse Maureen Spellman 978-232-2355
Men's Rugby  Dave Kenkel 978-232-2337
Women's Rugby Carly Baker 978-232-2337
Men's Soccer Joe Calabrese 978-998-7739
Women's Soccer Jodi Kenyon 978-232-2234
Softball Katie Bettencourt 978-232-2306
Men's Tennis Anthony D'Angelo 978-232-2481
Women's Tennis Anthony D'Angelo 978-232-2481
Women's Track & Field Spencer Lange 978-232-2308
Men's Volleyball George Chapell 978-998-7764
Women's Volleyball Tim Byram 978-232-2443