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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning



In an effort to further promote the mental and physical well-being of our student-athletes while at home, the Endicott Strength & Conditioning Staff has created the hub linked above to supply our student-athletes with workouts, nutritional tips, motivational thoughts, and wellness support, in conjunction with the Counseling Center. Our student-athletes are encouraged to check back to this hub weekly for updates in all areas previously mentioned. 

Mission Statement

Endicott Strength & Conditioning focuses on the long-term development and performance of the Endicott's student-athletes. Our student-athletes will utilize an individualized, year-round, linear periodization schedule, designed to achieve peak athletic performance during their respective competitive seasons. It is our goal to achieve success on the field, court, ice and competitive surface; not just lift heavy weights. At Endicott, we believe in the development of a solid foundation of safety and efficiency, movement, strength, power, toughness, and discipline. It is the passion of the strength staff to teach proper technique paired with resistance training, plyometric work, speed, conditioning, as well as recovery and regeneration. Student-athletes will be immersed in a supervised full body, ground-based program and have the opportunity to utilize multiple techniques ranging from Olympic lifting and single leg weight training to body weight and band exercises.

Endicott Strength & Conditioning is committed to the idea of the complete athlete success. The staff collaborates with Endicott Athletic Training to coordinate rehabilitation, nutrition, and analytics to enable our students the appropriate access to resources for their health and athletic competition.

The ultimate goal of this training is to reduce injury rates, promote more efficient and effective movements, and enable our student-athletes body synchronization and optimal control of their bodies during competition. The strength & conditioning staff pride themselves on imparting and upholding Endicott’s Core Standards of Leadership. The importance of open, effective communication with student-athletes and coaches about the physical and mental goals and challenges that are set before them. Staff and student-athletes will display character, commitment to themselves, their teams and Endicott, as well as exhibit confidence in their responsibilities. We continue to safely challenge ourselves and our student-athletes to seek out success now and in the future.

Strength and Conditioning Staff

2022-23 Endicott Strength and Conditioning Staff
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jack Dustin Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 978-232-2299
Joe Calabrese Strength & Conditioning Coach 978-998-7739
Kevin Kosiorek '15 Athletic Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach 978-232-2309
Jacy Kuhlman '22 M'24 Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 978-232-2299


Athletic Performance Center


Post Center Addition Design Plans via Adobe Spark

Endicott College Director of Athletics Brian Wylie announced plans to upgrade the Post Center Facility through an addition to the current building that will enhance the overall student-athlete experience, improve opportunities for the School of Sport Science and Fitness Studies, and modernize the MacDonald Gymnasium. The addition is expected to be completed in the Fall 2017.

Video Library

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NSCA All-American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year

NSCA logo

The NSCA All-American Strength and Conditioning Athletes of the Year recognize those collegiate student-athletes, whose athletic accomplishments reflect their dedication to strength training and conditioning. These student-athletes were nominated, assessed by their sport, position, competition performance, strength training progress, and leadership. 

Colleen McAvoy '22, Women's Volleyball
Claire Boncek '23, Field Hockey
Shane Aylward '24, Football
Joe Mepham '24, Men's Soccer
Jack Sutherland '21, Men's Ice Hockey
Justine Hoover '22, Women's Tennis

Mackenzie Kennedy '20, Women's Volleyball
Kristen McCarthy '20, Field Hockey
Conor O'Brien '22, Men's Ice Hockey
Caroline Hughes '19, Women's Ice Hockey

Mackenzie Kennedy '20, Women's Volleyball
Kadrianna Letts '21, Women's Soccer
Kristen McCarthy '20, Field Hockey

Josh Bowes '19, Men's Ice Hockey
Michael DeDonato '18, Baseball
Donovan Dey '20, Men's Volleyball
Caroline Hughes '19, Women's Ice Hockey
Mackenzie Kennedy '20, Women's Volleyball

Lloyd Hayes '19, Men's Ice Hockey
Caroline Hughes '19, Women's Ice Hockey
Chris Lipscomb '17, Football & Men's Basketball
Tori McIntyre '17, Women's Volleyball
Max Motroni '17, Men's Basketball
Sharlotte Pernice  '18, Women's Soccer

Samantha DiBella '16, Softball
Paige Marinelli '16, Women's Soccer
Josh Drew '16, Baseball
Spencer Walsh '16, Football 

Iron Beak Award

The Iron Beak is awarded to one Senior Male and one Senior Female student-athlete. The recipients are student-athletes who have displayed physical and mental toughness while battling back from adversity which leads to a meaningful impact on and off the competition surface. Whether overcoming an injury, illness, or some other life circumstance throughout their career at Endicott, those with an Iron Beak epitomize toughness, grit, and desire in overcoming any and all obstacles laid before them.


Emma Tierney '19, Women's Basketball
Dan Williams '19, Football
Alyssa Silk '18, Women's Soccer
Conner Couchot '18, Men's Soccer

Meghan Lennon '17, Women's Lacrosse
Erika Trudon '17, Women's Volleyball

Paige Marinelli '16, Women's Soccer
Nick Quattro '16, Baseball