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#ThisIsEndicott – Rachel Galante's Co-Op Experience Takes Her To New Heights

#ThisIsEndicott – Rachel Galante's Co-Op Experience Takes Her To New Heights


BEVERLY, Mass. – Endicott College is a pioneer in requiring comprehensive internship experiences in every program of study for undergraduate students. Rachel Galante (Reading, Mass.), who is a senior communication major on the cheerleading team, is currently engaged in a co-op experience with the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce. Here is Rachel's story on her co-op experience. 

Describe what your co-op experience has been like? What have you done? Daily job functions? Etc.

GALANTE: My co-op experience at the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce started in June, as I got offered a position with the company during the summer. Since then, I have been working in the office as a graphic designer. Every day I come in ready to work on new flyers, program books, advertisements, powerpoint, etc. I design all of my work before having my co-workers revise each little detail. I revise each of my works multiple times a day, even weeks until it is ready to be sent out perfectly. I design event flyers and RSVPs as well as the tickets they need to purchase to go. There are many committee meetings that I attend where the other board members review my work and tell me things to change as well. 

How has this experience differed from your previous internship experiences? 

GALANTE: This experience has definitely differed from the previous three-week internships. Since I started during the summer, I've had the opportunity to get into a groove and a set schedule earlier than others. It has been amazing getting to wake up every day and go to a "real job" where I can start to get used to life after school. It has been extremely helpful knowing what I should expect after graduating. Being able to come in and work on tasks for months has helped me to see what the workload will be like and how to get adjusted to a new setting, allowing the nerves to get out before searching for your job after school.

What is your goal(s) upon graduation? How has this helped you potentially achieve it? 

GALANTE: My goal upon graduating is to stay in graphic/web design and do more social media as well. I would love to go into sports and be able to do interviews as well as social media for the team. This co-op has helped immensely to achieve this goal as I've already experienced what professionals will be looking for in my work and how to make critiques on my work. I am 100 times more confident in applying to new jobs and going to interviews because of how comfortable I feel in working after these past few months. 

What would you tell other Gulls about the co-op program? What should they know?

GALANTE: The Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce has been such a welcoming environment. Here, they want you to learn and to grow. The exposure of board meetings, networking, and creating my own designs has made me feel more confident for after graduation. This company wants nothing but the best for their interns and I am so grateful for everything I have done and learned from them so far!

What other benefits have you received from this co-op?

GALANTE: As I am not getting paid full time, I am receiving a stipend. I have also been offered a job to stay through January which will be paid as a full-time job! Because I love what I'm doing so much, not getting paid hasn't affected any of my work. It is true when they say work doesn't feel like work when you love what you do!


"Over the last two years, we formalized the process for our students to be able to take on a co-op experience. Because co-ops are longer than the traditional semester internship, students get an even richer experience--they can take on more in-depth projects and work, while immersing themselves in the organization," said Dale McLennan, Dean Internship and Career Center. "Adding co-ops to our experiential education options has also opened the door to premiere companies and organizations that value the longer experience and often use co-ops as a pipeline for full-time hires."


  • Co-ops are typically six months in length, i.e., January-June or July-December and full-time, i.e., 35-40 hours/week.
  • Co-ops are very common in STEM fields, but also exist across many industries.
  • At Endicott, co-ops were included at the annual Internship, Co-op, and Career Fair for the first time in 2019.
  • Over 30 Endicott seniors are currently doing co-ops that started this summer.
  • Companies with current Endicott co-ops include: John Hancock, Walt Disney World Resort, MFS Investments, Four Seasons Boston, Boston University, Gorton's, Virtual Inc., Electric Insurance, Genomic Expression, Boston Casting, and Hireclix.


Unsure of which path to follow? Don't worry, Endicott's Internship and Career Center offers many resources to help you choose paths that are the right fit for you and make the connection between academics and career.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with a career advisor who will help you make the most of your academic experience and move you toward future success. The Internship and Career Center staff has years of experience helping students choose career paths that suit their academic and professional interests and develop career competencies. Schedule your appointment online through Handshake or contact the Internship and Career Center for assistance.

Also, take advantage of career assessment tools that allow you to explore career options tailored to your personality, skills, and interests.

  • TypeFocus is an online career assessment tool that allows students and alumni to explore career options that match their personalities, skills, interests, and values. Endicott students and alumni can email for the site password for TypeFocus.
  • What Can I Do with This Major allows students to explore the vast array of career options that are related to their majors.
  • O*Net Online is a comprehensive resource to learn about thousands of careers and occupations, including job outlook, salary and more.
  • SkillScan is an interactive resource that allows students to identify transferable skills, which is instrumental in exploring career options.


  • Glassdoor allows students and alumni unlimited access to valuable information on more than 280,000 companies that can be used to research salaries, prepare for interviews, and gain an understanding of a specific company's culture.
  • Handshake is Endicott's online recruiting platform where students and alumni can search for internships as well as full-time, part-time, seasonal, and work-study jobs. Numerous new opportunities are added daily.
  • InterviewStream is a web-based tool for practicing interview skills with a virtual interviewer. Students and alumni can record and review their performance and also receive tips on improving their responses.
  • LiquidCompass  - The Internship and Career Center has partnered with LiquidCompass to connect our students and alumni with up-to-date opportunities in healthcare at hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. 

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(Photo Credit - Nick Grace '20)